Welcoming the end of the school year while anticipating the start of a new one

As the days become longer, and the Sun greets us earlier, the school year is finally coming to an end.Summer vacation is  just weeks away and a much need break is order for both Parents and children.The hustle and bustle of our regular routine will finally receive a time out. For Families who are applying this September for admissions for the 2010-2011 school year, really make this Summer count.  This is an opportunity  for your family to take advantage of all the free activities that the city has to offer. This is a great time to continue to bond with your children while having fun. This is an opportunity for you to create your very own “classroom” in a very relax, no pressure atmosphere. I like the idea of teaching our children common concepts under the guise of fun. I love when children are able to learn without knowing that they are actually being taught. If parents can master this feat then your well on your way. Take advantage of the free concerts in the parks and the beautiful recreational areas that the city has. Doesn’t matter if you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn or anywhere in between, you can take advantage of the many  Street fairs orfree swim classses offered by the city or even just setting up a impromptu picnic in the park all you need is a blanket and you can appreciate the beauty of mother nature. I just want to give you a few reminders so that you are prepared for the admission season ahead.

Prospective schools are wrapping up spring tours. If you have an opportunity to view the school before September, take advantage of  it will save you much neeeded time.

Monitor schools websites. Many schools accept applications online. That could be one less school to call the day after Labor day when schools phone lines will be busy.

Schedule the tests dates with the Educational Records Bureau for your child. The suggestion that they make is to have your children tested over the Summer months when they are in the best of health. It is my recommendation that you have  your child tested before the end of September because, as the admissons season gets underway, everyone will be trying to schedule testing dates early, so that their families admision files can be completed before the end of the year. It is important to know that  there is no advantage to waiting for your child to be smarter . As your child acquires more information, so will other children that your child will be compared to.

Now is the time to begin lining all your ducks in a row.Save all your personal day  from work because you will be needing them for Parent and Child interviews and School tours. Gather your team of supporter together so that your family can get through this process effortlessly. You can never have too much support. Share with others what you are committing to regarding your child’s education with people that truly love and honor you.

There is a saying that luck is  when opportunity and preparation meet. I believe this to be true. When you take one step forward the world will take ten steps forward to support you. Much success on your Journey! I am confident that you will have the ideal educational environment for your child.

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