Easily avoidable missteps during your parent interview

First  Never come to the interview late.

Always turn off your cell phone when  you meet with an admission director.

Never  talk bad about another school or your current pre-school

Finish your meal before coming to the interview

Dress apropriately for your interview

Don’t take notes during your interview

Avoid asking questions that you can find in the school brochure

Don’t  give a verbal commitment to a school unless that school is your first choice

Never debate with the interviewer

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Welcome to Operation Headstart Blog

Welcome to Operation Headstart first  installment of our monthly Blog. We will be providing you with updates on information regarding private school admissons. I will be addressing your concerns and welcoming your comments and questions.My intention for this  blogs is  be a  resource to parents who are looking for information about  the kindergarten admisssions proccess without out the anxiety and stress  normally associated with it.

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